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Hi dominos players!

Chickie Dominos 3 is coming! This upcoming release will add multiplayer action, a double-12 set, and fix a number of outstanding issues from version 2!

Check out some screenshots, with captions:


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April 2014

Question Answer
When will Chickie Dominos be updated? There is no firm release date. working on it As a solo indie developer, I am working very hard on it every week! I am calling it version 3 because it's nearly a full rewrite of the game internals.
Want to play Chickie Dominos with my friend, aunt, grandma, etc.! me too The current version does not support multiplayer! The upcoming version will offer network multiplayer, and pass-n-play multiplayer. upcoming
There is a problem with the ads on iOS locking up the Chickie Dominos game. That sucks! sorry Apple changed something with their iAds system after I published the game. upcoming In next update, adds will be less obtrusive, not blocking, and optional. workaround For now, please buy the paid version of the iOS game, for $0.99, there are no Ads!
Will Chickie Dominos be available on Facebook, Steam, Nook, Kindle, TI-86, [insert-favorite-device-here] ? Chickie Dominos v3 will be released for Android, OS X, and iOS (iPhone, iPod, iPad etc). future Additional platforms *may* be published in the future.
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